Focused on business

You don't have to be developer. All you need is to think about your business, create your business model in the Portal, import data from xls files and run your mobile operations.

Mobile app & portal

Solution consists of the Mobile App and the Portal. On the Portal you define your business objects and logic. They are visible on the mobile application immediately.

Planning and executing

With the mobile app field workers can report their activities. On the Portal office employees can track the field operations or schedule the work orders.

Manage users & rights

To ensure the security the solution has build in user management system. Particular data sets can be assigned to the flexible defined user groups likewise the functionality.

Offline & synchronization

Storing selected data on the device ensures work in case of lack of Internet access, quick operations execution and great experience. Only changed data is being synchronized.

Absolute no Coding

We think about your business improvement. That's why we deliver you great technology. You can design whole system entirely with drag & drop.


We recommend to watch all the tutorials before you will start work with trial instance of mobi2work. It will give you helpful knowledge about system concept and enable you to create your apps faster.

  • 0. Introduction to mobi2work3 min
    A short introduction to mobi2work main features.
  • 1. How to create a Meter Reading application17 min
    In this end to end scenario we show how to create a simple mobile application for meter reading. The application will work in offline mode and will exchange data with the server.
  • 2. How to create a Field Service application33 min
    In this tutorial we will create step by step the Field Service application with customer database, assets, materials and service activities. We will import data from xls files. Our app will use camera and GPS. At the end portal user will be able to export data for making invoices for.
  • 3. Assets tagging and geocoding18 min
    In this movie we present the concept of Asset Management system created with mobi2work. The mobile application will support barcode tagging and scanning. You will be able to add the GPS position to your assets. Our field users will be able to perform inspections and maintenance operations.
  • 4. Merchandising system11 min
    Here we present the concept of Merchandising support system. The Merchandisers visit supermarkets to provide visibility of the goods. They have access to the information about products and promotions.
  • 5. Data import and access limitation10 min
    Data import and access limitation

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